how to build a bathroom vanity plans

how to build a bathroom vanitiy plans

1. design your bathroom vanity, width, depth, height.  Above basin, under-mounted basin with marble top ? pls go through this article see which kind of basin and counter top suit for you http://modernbathroomcabinet.com/new/vanity-top-differnece.html

2. you need drawers or doors

3. which material for cabinet ?  you can read this article to see which material is best for the cabinet  http://modernbathroomcabinet.com/new/best-material-for-bathroom-vanity.html

4.  build the bathroom vanity cabinet  http://modernbathroomcabinet.com/new/how-to-produce-bathroom-vanity.html

5. paint the bathroom vanity cabinet   http://modernbathroomcabinet.com/new/bathroom-vanity-paint-process.html

6. install bathroom vanity cabinet   http://modernbathroomcabinet.com/new/how-to-install-a-vanity.html



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