how to design a bathroom vanity

bathroom vanity set design

1, to determine the size: according to the size of space to determine the width and height of the vanity counter top. In general, the height is 34inch, the depth of the counter top below 24inch.

2, the construction method: brick washing machine mainly by two construction methods. The first, with brick masonry frame and table, and then play on the brick surface steel keel, cementing mortar on the keel, and then paste the tiles. The second, the use of angle to do the structural framework, in the above plus cement pressure plate, and then paste tiles.
3, making counter top: to reduce the amount of brick, saving space. You can directly use cement to do the counter top, rather than the brick to do support column. Such as the steel directly into the wall, with the vertical line will be flat steel bars, into the cement slurry, made of countertops.
4, to increase the storage function: If you want to wash the toilet turned into the cement cabinet, you can use brick to form the column, the cabinet with tiles do shelf.
5, paving tiles: cement wash shop paving tiles, you can use slanting, or use different specifications, different colors of the combination of tile paving. This will be better decorative effect.
6, install the wash basin: After the installation of the wash basin, the water pipe should be connected to check whether the water leakage. The current market wash basin in addition to the ordinary style, as well as European and blue and white porcelain Chinese style.
7, the installation of the door: the door with solid wood, PVC board and other materials, prices are also different. Solid wood texture of the door and good environmental protection, but the price is higher. PVC material is more affordable.



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